We offer a simplified way for Interior Designers to become more profitable.

  1. Select products from a vast array of vendors at vendor direct designer net pricing and curate those products into collections for your client proposals or to share with your social media fans.

  2. Each collection gets a shoppable link or can be embedded onto any page on your website. Your clients and fans no longer take your ideas and purchase elsewhere, they can now purchase your beautiful design concepts and the products you love directly from you.

  3. When your clients or fans purchase products from that collection, you make the spread between designer net and retail, we take care of the rest.

No more opening accounts with 100’s of dealers; no more submitting purchase orders; no more worrying about freight. When your client makes a purchase, we fulfill the order, get the product to them, deposit your commission into your bank account, and voila, you have a new revenue stream!

An Example Scenario

  1. You curate a collection of products with an IMAP (internet minimum advertised price) total of $3,896. The equivalent trade price for the collection is $1,948.

  2. You share the collection with your design client via SideDoor’s shoppable link feature.

  3. Your client purchases your collection at the IMAP price.

  4. SideDoor starts the fulfillment process & keeps you and your client in the
    loop for receiving and delivery.

  5. Once the collection has been delivered and is accepted by your client, the $1,948 difference will be transferred directly into your Stripe account.

*Though the above example uses real dollar figures, vendor pricing will vary from vendor to vendor.

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