Every Designer on SideDoor needs a Stripe account so that money earned on sales can be transferred directly to them.

Creating a new Stripe account

If you don't yet have a Stripe account, you can create one without having to leave our connect flow. If you wish to create a new Stripe account, just fill out all of the fields as directed by Stripe.

Connecting to an existing Stripe account

If you already have a Stripe account and want to use it with SideDoor instead of creating a new account, make sure to use the email associated with your already existing Stripe account in the Email field of the Stripe connect flow:

Stripe will detect that you're using an email that is already associated with a Stripe account and will ask you to sign in to that account. After you've signed into that account, Stripe will automatically complete the rest of the connection step fields for you!

Why Stripe?

SideDoor partners with Stripe because they process billions in payments each year and have become the gold standard in payment processing and security.

Is Stripe secure?

Yes. Stripe exceeds the most stringent security standards:

  • All transactions are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected. Your information and your client's and fan's information are securely transmitted during the processing of all payments.

  • Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. You can rest assured that not only is your information safe and secure, but your client's and fan's information is safe and secure.

  • All credit card numbers are encrypted and safely stored in Stripe's state of the art data-center. This ensures both the security and integrity of your information.

  • Stripe employs state of the art techniques to actively fight against credit card fraud. By using Stripe, you automatically benefit from the automated Radar platform.

See Stripe's security documentation for more information.

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