SideDoor takes care of making sure that your catalog is accurate and stays up to date. We take care of the asset collection and importing of your catalog feeds so that you don't have yet another service to sign into and learn to keep your catalog up to date.

The easiest way to get started is to simply email a CSV export from whatever system that you use to manage your catalogs, and the SideDoor team will take it from there!

For ongoing updates to your catalog, we can schedule outreach to your e-commerce managers so that we can get a steady cadence of updates going, or your e-commerce manager can simply email us a new CSV to import whenever there are changes to your catalog.

Export Template

While we can tackle transforming your export to our internal data structure, we also provide a template so that your e-commerce can use to see which types of data that we need to be able to complete an import.

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