Collections are a pre-defined list of products curated by a designer. Think of collections as a way for you to create groups of products to show to a design client, or as a way for a designer to show off their taste to their fans. These collections can be used for sharing with a single client or on any of your social media platforms via a sharable link, allowing your clients and fans to purchase products directly.

Creating Collections, Adding & Removing Products

To add a product to a collection mouse over a product card and then click "Add to Collection". A modal and window will open up giving you a few options:

If you don't have any collections yet, you can create a collection while adding this product to that new collection at the same time. Click "Create new collection" to get started.

If you already have some collections, you can choose which collection this product is added to by clicking on the collection card in the list. Label 2 above shows that a collection with a filled blue dot means that this product is in that collection. To remove this product from a collection, click the collection card as shown with label 3.

Another way to remove products from a collection is to navigate to the collection page and click the "Remove from collection" button underneath each product card.

Designer Self Checkout

As a designer, you have the option to purchase a collection yourself and then invoice your clients later.

To purchase a collection yourself, first navigate to the collection page and then click the "checkout" button.

Next, set the quantities of each item that you'd like to purhcase and then click "Start Checkout"

Next, set a delivery address for this collection. Collections can be delivered directly to the customer's residence, or to a receiving warehouse.

Finally, verify that the shipping address and quantities are correct, and complete the purchase.

And that's it! From here, the SideDoor team will reach out with more information about your purchase and will begin the process of ordering from the vendor and scheduling the shipments to your receiver or customer.

Sharing Collections with your Clients & Audience

To share a collection, first navigate to the collection page and then click on the share button.

Next, click on the "Generate a sharable, public link" button.

From here, you can copy the new sharable link and send it to your client or audience, or you can view the public collection page.

Public Collections, Product Pricing & Shipping

Products included in a public collection will always have a 23% shipping fee applied to the wholesale price of the product.

It's important to note that product prices listed on public collection pages will always show the IMAP pricing combined with the applicable shipping fee. As the designer, you will see the itemized pricing including the shipping fee, but your clients or audience will never see your trade price or a breakdown of the item's price and shipping fee.

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