Facebook and Instagram are intertwined, once you upload your products to the commerce managers section of your Facebook business manager account, your products will appear in both shops and any changes you make to the products will update both shops as well. To start adding your SideDoor products, you can begin on the home page in Facebook business manager. You can get here by going to business.facebook.com and then logging in to the facebook account acts as the admin for your business page. Now once you are on this home page go ahead and click the box of dots in the top corner of the left panel. When you hover over it, you will see business tools. Click this and then scroll all the way down to the bottom to “Commerce Manager”.

Make sure your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked, this way all the products you add will be posted in both shops. Find more information about this in our knowledge center article “How to Set Up Facebook Shops”

Go to the catalog section in the top right hand corner and click “Add Items”.

While there are ways to bulk upload your products and depending on the size of your collections you may want to explore this, this article walks you through the manual upload option. Select “Add Manually” and click next.

The screen it takes you to is where you will upload all of the information for the SideDoor product you are adding to your shop. You will copy and paste this information from the public sharing link for your SideDoor collection.

To do this, go to onsidedoor.com and log in to your vendor account. Then, go in to the collection you are pulling products from, and click the “Share” button on the top right, and it will provide you with the public sharing link. Copy this link and set it aside for a moment, in a document or in your computer notes. Then you want to log out of your vendor account. This is an important step because when you try to view and share SideDoor products while logged in to a vendor account the look and functionality changes and the information can’t be shared with anyone outside of your vendor account. So after you log out, go to that public sharing link for your collection we copied and set aside.


The only PUBLIC link that is accessible in the SD collections is that shareable link we just copied and set aside, and this is what you need to embed with your products in Facebook. If you share any links from inside SD (while you are logged in to your vendor account) the end user will not be able to see your products when they go to open it because they will come up as password protected.

Select the product you want to upload and start copying the information over in to the categories Facebook asks for.

To add a picture of your product, you can screenshot the one in SideDoor and if your product has additional images with it you can include those as well. Screenshots of your products need to be 500x500 pixels for the photo to be added to the category in Facebook, so take the angles wide. If you are using a Mac, you can see the pixels next to your mouse once you start dragging. Then either upload the product or drag and drop it into the outlines area.

Copy and paste the product name in SideDoor for the Title in FB, as well as the product description, price, and brand, as well as selecting “New” as the condition. For the website link, (which is where Facebook and Instagram will direct people viewing the product to purchase) as long as you are signed out of your vendor account and using the public sharing link, copy and paste the URL from the top of the page. Once you input all of the product information, click “Next” in the bottom right corner.

The display options are automatically clicked on, and you can leave these as they are.

Select your Category or the product.

Then, leave the option “Skip this Step” selected for variants. Each product, even if you have two of the same one in different colors, will need their own link back to your SideDoor collection so they will need to be uploaded separately.

Then click “Finish”!

You will be able to keep adding products or close the tab and see all of your uploaded products. Items are automatically set to “Activated” when you add them and once they are approved they will be visible in your shops. To deactivate a product, click on it and select “Deactivate” in the top options.

When your products go live in your shop they will look like this to your end users on Instagram:

Well done!

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