📢 A quick look on customizing your collections

Here, we'll show you how to customize your collection! Here's the list of things you can customize:

  • How to customize your collection

  • Preview collection as

  • Change the logo

  • Show or hide the vendor name

  • Change the button and link colors

  • Change the fonts used'

  • Change the product name

  • Sort the products

  • Viewing your collection

Customizing your collection

We've recently changed the whole flow of sharing your collections. Now, clicking the share button will immediately take you to customize your collection.

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Clicking the share button will immediately mark the collection as public.

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Viewing the collection as a customer

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From the editor, you can now toggle between seeing the collection as how your customer would see it.

Please note that renaming and removing the product from the collection only appears when you're viewing the collection as yourself.

The logo will appear on all pages from the collection to checkout.

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Show or hide the vendor name

There may be times that you might want to hide the vendor name. This will hide the vendor name in the collection and product page.

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Change the colors

This will change all the colors for the links and buttons. Please note that all buttons have a white text color please use a dark color so the text is still readable.

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Change the font

The typeface used can immediately change the tone of the website. We've provided a variety of different layouts to give different tones of collections.

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We'll be adding more pairings in the future! 👋

Change the product name

Like showing or hiding the vendor name, you can change the product name for presentation or masking reasons.

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Changing the order of the products

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Viewing your collection

There are two different ways we provide the URL of your collection.

Copying the URL to your clipboard
Once you click that button you can now paste (cmd+v/ctrl+v) and the URL will be pasted.

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Preview as a customer
Sometimes the live preview isn't enough and you'd want to view the collection in your full browser's size.

To do that, either open the URL into a different browser, or in private/incognito mode.

Right-click the View page link to see your options.

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