Ok, let's get started. First, start from the home page in Facebook business manager. You can get here by going to business.facebook.com and then logging in to whatever facebook account acts as the admin for your business page.

Now once you are on this home page go ahead and click the box of dots in the top corner of the left panel. When you hover over it, you will see business tools. Click this and then scroll all the way down to the bottom to “Commerce Manager”.

To set this up you can click that blue button in the middle that says “Get Started”.

When you’re choosing your way to sell, we recommend selecting the top option, “Create a Shop”, then clicking the blue get started button on the bottom right. So now this will open up a few setup features, go ahead and click next on the bottom right, and then in this “How Will Customers Checkout” option is where the primary integration with SideDoor comes in.

Select the top option “Checkout on Another Website”. This will allow you to embed your collection-specific links for the SideDoor products into each individual product in your shop.

Click “Next”, and you will be prompted to select the page you are selling from so select your business’s page and when you click “Next” it will prompt you to enter your business email. Enter whichever one of your business’s email addresses where you want to receive updates about your shop and click “Submit”.

The next step is to create a Catalog, we recommend you name this something generic like “SideDoor Products” or “My Product Catalog”. You can go back and change the name later if you want, but it’s important to note that all of your products will be uploaded into this one catalog and then you can later group products into “sets” which is the Facebook equivalent of your SideDoor collections. We have another video in our knowledge center that talks about establishing your sets and how to group your products just like your SideDoor collections, click HERE to view this.

Finally, they will show a preview of all the options we just selected, and you will have to check the box to agree to Facebook’s Merchant Agreement and then click finish set up.

Facebook will then provide guides to walk you through using the commerce manager, and all the different functionalities, and now you are ready to add your SideDoor products!

For guidance on how to add your SideDoor products to your FB/IG shops, watch our other knowledge center video by clicking HERE.

So one important thing to note is that you will need to be approved by Facebook before your shop will go live and there is no exact timeline for this, they say it can take up to 4 weeks and I have seen it take this long but I have also seen it take much less time. You can start uploading products before your shop is approved but they will not be visible to your customers until your shop is approved, and you will receive an email from Facebook letting you know you have been approved.

After Commerce Manager is Set Up:

The next step is linking your Facebook and Instagram business accounts. You do need your accounts to be connected before you can activate Instagram shopping. This process is fairly quick and simple, just make sure you have your account logins on hand and this can be done from either inside Facebook Business Manager or within the Instagram mobile app.

For more guidance on this use this help article:

Connect Your Facebook Business Page to Your Instagram Business Account:


Once Your Accounts are linked:

Now you can activate IG shopping! This will need to be done from within the mobile app version of Instagram as the shopping feature of IG is not able to be accessed from a desktop as of now.

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