When you set up the commerce manager section of your Facebook Business manager account, you will establish one catalog, and this is where you will be uploading all of your products to then group them into sets.


Sets for Facebook are the equivalent of Collections on SideDoor.

This is how you should be grouping your SideDoor products and then once they are grouped you will be able to control functions for the entire collections at once like: customizing some visual features of the “Set”, activating or deactivating products, changing the order your sets appear in your shop, etc.

Ok, let's get started. First, start from the home page in Facebook business manager. You can get here by going to business.facebook.com and then logging in to the facebook account acts as the admin for your business page. Now once you are on this home page go ahead and click the box of dots in the top corner of the left panel. When you hover over it, you will see business tools. Click this and then scroll all the way down to the bottom to “Commerce Manager”. Once you are in Commerce Manager, click the drop down next to “Catalog” and select “Sets”.

Go ahead and select “Create a Set” in the top right corner, and we recommend using the easier opinion, “Manually Select Items”.

Input the name of your collection as the set name, and click each item you want to add, then click “Create”. You can add more items to your sets by clicking “Edit Set” on the right side.

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