With the latest round of Facebook updates, businesses can now add a bit of customization to their Instagram shop. To start, go to the home page in the Facebook business manager. You can get here by going to business.facebook.com and then logging in to the Facebook account that acts as the admin for your business page.

Once you are on this home page click the box of dots in the top corner of the left panel. When you hover over it, you will see business tools. Click this and then scroll all the way down to the bottom to “Commerce Manager”. In the overview section of the commerce manager, there is a button in the middle which says “Publish Your Shop”, click this. You can also get to the shop features by clicking “Shops” on the left side panel and then clicking the blue “Edit” button on the right next to your shop.

The customization features will then open up. This is where you can change the layout of your collections, the button shapes, sizes, and colors as well as adjust the wording for your collections titles and descriptions. Any changes you make will be visible on the right side as they would appear when someone clicks “View Shop” on your Instagram page.

While the customization features are not extensive, they do allow you to better align your shop with your brand. Have your business’s hex color codes on hand to alter the shop's colors to be your own.

Once you have made all of your customizations and edits, and you are ready for them to go live, click the blue “Publish Updates” button in the bottom right corner. You can also click “Save” and come back to make more changes later if you are not yet ready for them to go live. After clicking “Publish Updates” the following message will appear:

Your changes will not go live immediately as they need to be approved by Facebook first to ensure they comply with their policies. You can either select to only have your approved changes implemented if all updates are approved (otherwise it will just keep the shop the same as it was before the requested updates), or you can select to have any changes that are approved go live even if the others aren’t and those remain the same. Either selection is fine and will depend on your own preferences. Finally you will get the following message:

Nice job!

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