Sharing Products

SideDoor is a tool for interior designers to monetize their taste. It's built around the concept of 'collections' and 'shareable links'. As you are browsing the pieces on SideDoor, you may have one specific product that you love and want to highlight to your clients and followers. Any products you want to share MUST be added to one of your collections, simply copy and pasting your own link while you are logged in to your vendor account will not work when you go to share it with others.

Any and all products from SideDoor that you wish to share must be added to a collection so it will be accessible from the public sharing link (provided at the top of each collection) and your customers will be able to checkout.

Link Sharing

When sharing links for SideDoor collections and products with your audience, the only PUBLIC link that is accessible to your SideDoor collections as a whole will be the one we have highlighted above. If you wish to share a public link to a specific product in one of your collections, you must first have that public link set aside somewhere and then log out of your vendor account. Once you are logged out of your vendor account, open a new browser tab and paste that public link to your collection into the address box. If you are not logged out you will get the following message popping up at the top of the collection once you go to that public link.

After you click on the product and the product-specific page opens, you can copy that URL from the top and share this as you wish in order to highlight a specific product to your customers.

This public shareable link is what you need to embed on your social media shops and on your site if you are showcasing specific products. This link will not be password protected and it will ensure you profit when your customer's checkout.

Remember- there is no limit to how many products you add to a collection and these links work in your social media, emails, mood boards etc...

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