You can easily integrate SideDoor within your website. There are many ways you can do this, but in short, anywhere you can add a url link on your website, you can add your SideDoor Collection link. When your client clicks on the embedded link, they will be directed right to your collection on SideDoor where they will be able to view the collection and, if desired, create a customer account with SideDoor and checkout right from your collection.

See below screenshots for how to copy your collection links to add them to your website.

First, select the Collection you would like to add to your site, and select 'share':

Next, copy the 'share' link to your collection, found here:

(hint: you can add this link to buttons, images or hyperlink text on your site)

Examples of where to add collection links to your website:

Attach to product images (that you save or upload from the collection) Moodboards you create from the images (you would create in another software such as Photoshop,
Design Files, etc.)
Attach to Buttons, such as "see full collection"

You can also add Collection share links in hyperlink text.

How to integrate products individually on your website with SideDoor

This would be applicable if you want to showcase individual products, and allow the client to view products one at a time in the collection instead of the entire collection at once, which is what they will see if you use the Collection link. This will also allow clients to purchase multiple products in the collection with only one shopping cart, avoiding the issue of checking out multiple times from multiple collections on your website.

  1. First, you must create a "Website Collection" with all the products you have on your website in order for this to work as of now.
    Open up Collection of products
    Click SHARE-COPY the shareable link bottom left
  2. Open that link in diff browser (or you will still be logged into your SideDoor acct) Click on the product card of the individual product they want to show
  3. Copy that URL at top of page in browser (see below screenshot)
  4. Paste that url in the site on image/button for the product you want to link to
  5. When client clicks on it they will see that individual item
  6. When they scroll over image they can add to cart
  7. When they try to add to cart they'll be directed to create their own acct and check out - one cart for all products on website

As always, feel free to reach out to the SideDoor team if you have any further questions by opening up the Messenger on the bottom-right of your screen. 🙌

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