SideDoor exists to help interior designer's monetize their taste and while we focus on 'trade brands', we recognize that even designer-only brands are now selling directly to consumers online. This is the reality of the digital economy. We partnered with the retail brand Arhaus because they are willing to give our users a 27% discount across their vast collection of products (Arhaus' own 'trade' Program only gives a 7% rebate to designers, paid quarterly). However, because Arhaus is a retail-first company, they constantly run promotions and sales online and in their showrooms. We have no way of knowing what is on sale until we get the 'daily feed' from Arhaus with relevant inventory and prices. Even though we update our app daily, your client may inevitably be able to find that product on at a cheaper price if they decide to put the item on sale.

Because we've heard from so many of our users that Arhaus is a brand you want to continue to sell to your clients, here is what we suggest when selling Arhaus products to your clients on SideDoor to ensure all of your bases are covered (and reduce your client's concerns):

Before you create a Public Collection:

  1. Copy the SKU number or Product Name from SideDoor
  2. Visit and paste the item number or name of the product into the search bar in the top-right corner.

3. Check the price and compare it to the IMAP price listed on SideDoor.

We can match the sale price as listed on - however your commission will be adjusted accordingly for items that are on sale on

Here is an example:

Normally, the Branson Outdoor Sofa retails for $3,599. The designer price through Arhaus Trade Program is $3,347 ( difference of $252 profit for designer).

Typically, the Designer on through SideDoor for this item would be $2,591 (difference of $1,007 profit for designer). Not bad! However, when Arhaus discount this item, it appears like this on their site:

Now, the retail price is $2,499. We adjust this automatically in SideDoor and your price will look like this:

So instead of a profit of $1,007, you will earn $464 ($2,499 - $2,035). This is still better than buying from Arhaus directly, but you might imagine how this process can get tricky.

We will continue to monitor this process. At present, we suggest for any Arhaus items you share publicly with a design client first be verified on the Arhaus website to verify whether or not the relevant item is on sale.

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