There are 2 options for checkout on SideDoor: Designer Checkout and Client/Customer checkout.

Designer Checkout: Under your collection name is "Checkout". If you would like to purchase your collection and then invoice your client afterwards, OR purchase items for staging this would be a great option for you. You would pay the designer price, along with a shipping fee to:

  1. A warehouse of your choosing (15% of wholesale price)

  2. Your personal residence/client's address (23% of wholesale price).

    ***Unavailable Items***: You can not share your collection, or go through the designer checkout process, if you have unavailable items in your cart. To proceed with sharing and checking out, you will need to remove any unavailable products. Thank you!

Client checkout: When a collection is visited by a client (via directly sharing your collection link, or embedding your URL into your platform of choice) they will have the option to add the items they would like to purchase to their cart for checkout. When a client checks out through a collection, shipping (23% of wholesale price to a residential address) as well as any taxes, will be added on during their checkout. We handle shipping these items from the Vendor to the desired location. The designer is not involved, unless they prefer to keep track of orders with their clients.

***FYI***: If you have multiple collections and a client wants to check out items from more than one collection at a time, they would have to check out per each collection. We are working to connect the collections/shopping carts so there will only be one cart they will need to check out of.

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